Build the Workers Party of Britain

The primary goal facing us today is the breaking of all bonds between the Labour party and the working class.

Party statement

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The Workers party has the potential to become a serious weapon in the fight to destroy Labour, which has throughout its history been the greatest obstacle in the path towards socialism in Britain.

Proletarian writersParty statement

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Editor’s note: This resolution was passed by our party’s ninth congress in October 2021. However, developments since that time have led the party to overturn that decision and to withdraw our members’ efforts from the Workers party project, which we believe has failed in its stated aim of becoming a truly broad movement within which communists could work openly, transforming itself into a left-social-democratic vehicle for bourgeois parliamentarism and anticommunism. Our stance towards the Labour party in particular and social democracy in general remains unchanged.


This congress greets the formation of the Workers Party of Britain with the hope that it will prove to be a watershed moment in the history of the struggle against social democracy and imperialism in Britain.

Congress recognises that under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, thousands of well-intentioned socialists flocked to the Labour banner even as the leaders of the party, like those before them, were working to betray the working class. The total and humiliating defeat for Project Corbyn should bury forever any illusions in a path to socialism which seeks to tie the working-class movement to the chariot of the Labour party.

This congress condemns the Trotskyist and revisionist parties that continue their work to shackle the labour movement to the discredited Labour party.

Congress applauds those party members who led our work to open up a fissure in the camp of left social democracy. Widening that fissure, exacerbating the contradictions in the camp of the enemy and using the situation to educate thousands of well-intentioned Labour voters and sympathisers is a task to which this congress pledges itself.

Our second task is to consolidate the work that has been done, expand the ground upon which this fight is taking place, and build upon the foundations that have been laid.