Comrade Ella on Kalima Horra: How did the world react to the Ukraine conflict?

Could it be that the salvoes of the west’s psychological and trade wars are actually backfiring badly?

Communist party chair Ella Rule joins George Galloway to discuss Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine.

Imperialism’s machinations have forced Russia to come to the assistance of the antifascist people of the Donbass as well as to defend its own people from the increasingly belligerent movements of fascist-riddled Ukraine, which is acting as a proxy force for the USA in particular.

The ramifications of the latest escalation are yet to be played out, but global trade will be disrupted for years to come and western countries will suffer as a consequence of the economic war they have unleashed upon Russia. Meanwhile, Russia’s economy will pivot towards friendly nations in Asia, the middle east, Africa and Latin America, while its growing ties with China are helping to create an alternative to the imperialist-controlled global economic and trading system.

And while the corporate media and big tech have effectively sidelined all voices of opposition in the west, are they able to control the perception of workers in other parts of the world? The posters of President Putin springing up in Baghdad and the refusal of South Africa, India and China to join the trade war would indicate that they have not.

Imperialism seeks domination, but its attempts to stop the emergence of strong coutries that are willing and able to defend their own interests may have backfired, hastening instead the decline of American hegemony.

Amongst other questions, the panel discuss how the people in Moscow have responded to the crisis, whether the present escalation could have been anticipated, whether Ukraine was deliberately set up as a trap for Russia, whether the world is heading towards a new and more dangerous cold war, and whether the previously divided west has been united by its joint endeavour against Russia.

This programme also featured panelists Keith Bennett, Marc Wadsworth, Andre Walker and Nikolai Gorshkov. It was originally aired on Al Mayadeen TV on 21 March 2022.