Iranian Marxists in solidarity with our arrested comrades

‘When the imperialist governments fail to impede solidarity with the oppressed, they resort to suppression.’

Iranians demonstrate in solidarity with Palestinians and protest against Israel’s genocidal assault on Gaza at Revolution Square in Tehran, Iran.

The following solidarity message was received from communists in Iran following the arrest of our comrades at the Palestine demonstration on 13 January.

Many other solidarity messages from around the world (France, Russia, Turkey, Germany, USA, Bulgaria, ) can be see on our party’s Telegram channel.


We, as successors of the Tudeh Party of Iran’s sixteenth and seventeenth plenums, express our solidarity with comrades from the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist). We denounce the oppressive actions of the London police in apprehending members of this party during a peaceful march in support of the Palestinian cause.

This party faces retribution from zionist agents within the imperialist suppression apparatus in Britain for its support of the just and heroic struggles of various Palestinian movements and its resolute anti-zionist stance.

The London police, akin to the intimidating security apparatuses of American-backed dictatorships, conducted nighttime raids on the homes of these comrades, instilling fear and terror in the families of the detained, looting household items, and taking them into custody. The police categorise the party’s statement as “support for terrorism”, as it elucidates the liberation struggles of the Palestinian people and the colonial origins of the state of Israel.

The debated declaration explicitly commits to supporting the resistance in Palestine. Previously, comrades have been detained for distributing pamphlets detailing the nature and roots of zionism. The manner in which they are targeted underscores the peril associated with disseminating the truth about zionism and supporting resistance against it in western countries.

Indeed, exposing the truth and challenging imperialist populist narratives regarding Palestinian freedom and the unique demagogy of the “only democracy in the middle east” poses a risk to the western imperialist bourgeoisie.

When the imperialist governments fail to impede solidarity with the oppressed, they resort to suppression.

Once again, we affirm our unwavering solidarity with comrades of the Communist Party of Great Britain (ML).

East Peak, Iran