Socialist Cuba shows real international solidarity during Covid-19 outbreak

People or profits? The coronavirus pandemic is bringing this question to the fore more sharply than ever.

Party statement

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Cuban doctors are flown to several countries around the world to help combat the coronavirus outbreak.

The CPGB-ML hails the extraordinarily humanitarian and internationalist response of the Cuban state, Communist party and people to the scourge of the coronavirus.

Despite Cuba being only a small country whose economy has for six decades been relentlessly buffeted by US sanctions designed to starve it into submission, its generosity to the world and the effectiveness of the measures it has taken to combat the virus both at home and abroad is a tribute not only to Cuba but to socialism.

Thanks to socialism, Cuba has survived the cruel US sanctions, and, thanks to socialism, Cuba is able and willing to stretch out a helping hand to the world in its hour of need.

Unlike the various wealthy imperialist countries, including Britain, Cuba took serious measures for the protection of its citizens as soon as it suffered a mere handful of cases brought in by Italian tourists.

One of its factories was turned over to the manufacture of millions of protective masks. People arriving at airports were tested and those found to be ill were isolated. Military hospitals were put at the disposal of the sick.

Because of these prompt and timely measures, it is certain the Cubans will not be as severely affected by the virus as people living in countries that are not socialist and which therefore fail to give the interests of the masses of the people utmost priority.

The people of the world will unfailingly take note of the fact that, whereas the rich imperialist countries took measures only to protect themselves, Cuba, as a socialist country, sent doctors, medicines and protective equipment all over the world – to Italy and Andorra in Europe, to Suriname, Jamaica, Dominica, Belize, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, St Kitts and Nevis, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Haiti and Mexico.

Many countries, including China, have received anti-virals developed in Cuba that can help coronavirus patients beat the disease.

Brazil, Ecuador and Bolivia, which sent their Cuban medical personnel away at the behest of US imperialism following the election of Donald Trump as president, are getting no help whatever from any ‘democratic’ imperialist power and are deeply regretting their servile decision.

Although most doctors anywhere in the world are strongly motivated by a desire to render assistance to suffering humanity, Cuban doctors still stand out ahead of the rest. Even the Washington Post, malicious imperialist rag that it is, has grudgingly and ungraciously recognised the contribution of Cuban doctors in Latin America, pointing out:

“In Bolivia, hundreds of Cuban doctors left soon after right-wing senate vice-president Jeanine Anez replaced longtime socialist president Evo Morales in November and ties between La Paz and Havana rapidly melted down.

“’If the Cuban medical brigade were still in Bolivia, there would be better management of coronavirus,’ said María Bolivia Rothe, a health official under Morales.

“’Why? Because the Cuban doctors always went where no one else would.’” (US allies, encouraged by Washington, said goodbye to their Cuban doctors. As coronavirus surges, some are arguing for their return by Anthony Faiola and Kimberley Brown, 10 April 2020)

In their undying hatred of socialism, be it in Cuba or anywhere else in the world, the US imperialist government, acting on behalf of its masters, the heartless American multibillionaires, has, by taking over the companies supplying ventilator equipment and halting supplies to Cuba, stepped in to deny to Cuba access to life-saving technology, hoping through the murder of innocents to terrorise the Cuban people into surrender to its imperialist diktat.

Whatever the cost to themselves, the Cuban people have proved they will never do that; that they cherish the motto: Patria o muerte (Homeland or death) and will never admit defeat.

We offer a red salute to the Cuban government, the Cuban people and most especially to the heroic Cuban medical staff, and repeat the heartfelt demand of all the world’s exploited and oppressed masses that the grossly unjust sanctions imposed by US imperialism on Cuba should be lifted at once and Cuba should be fully compensated for the financial injury done to it by this outrageous ongoing criminal economic aggression.