Dr Bob Gill on Julian Assange: Media censorship is key to NHS privatisation

Just like the various imperialist wars, the NHS has become a funnel for vast sums of public money to be passed into private hands via profits and dividends.

A short interview with Dr Bob Gill in Westminster today (8 October) at the ‘Hands around Parliament for Assange’ demonstration.

Bob talks about why he’s at the demonstration, the significance of Julian Assange‘s case for all workers, and tells us about latest developments in the NHS.

He explains how censorship and omission by British media – a censorship that Julian Assange has been persecuted for trying to break – has been key to driving through privatisation of our health service against the will of the working people.

Money has been laundered through the illegal wars against Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and other countries. That money has passed from the both from the looted victim nations and from the taxpayers of the United States, Britain and the European Union, directly to the corporate coffers of the arms makers, the industrialists and financiers in Wall Street and the City of London.

The new ballot for industrial action by the Royal College of Nurses (RCN) is welcome. If nurses cannot protect their pay and conditions, there won’t be enough staff to provide a safe service to patients, and ultimately there will be no NHS for future generations.

It is vital that the RCN also exposes and explains to its members the true nature of our government’s agenda of attacking and privatising the NHS so they can fight explicitly and directly to protect the health service against privatisation and profiteering for the benefit of the health of the British people.