Comrade Ranjeet on MoATS: ‘The government has failed the people’

Lockdowns are a sign of the government’s abject failure to take the necessary measures to stop the spread of Covid-19.

Dr Ranjeet Brar once again joins George Galloway on the Mother of All Talkshows to discuss the coronavirus pandemic.

The second wave of infection is here and the government has been told by its own scientific advisers that the three-tier system it has introduced will not reverse the growth of coronavirus cases. Alongside an ineffective lockdown, the government has introduced a number of coercive and punitive measures backed up by threats of fines and arrest.

Such measures do nothing but cause resentment, further eroding public trust in all actions taken to tackle the virus.

Meanwhile, the measures we need to get the pandemic under control: mass testing, efficient contact tracing and effective supported quarantine for all those testing positive, remain conspicuous by their absence.

This interview was recorded on Sunday 18 October.